Orthophos XG3 

Digital imaging (X-Ray) system

Orthophos XG3 Pan


  • 6 real programs
  • High image quality
  • High-frequency X-ray generator
  • High potential tube head: output – 60-90  Low dose
  • Reliable and comfortable patients’ fixation  Easy workflow
  • Highly performance Sidexis Software
  • Multipad control panel

Orthophos XG 5 Pan Ceph

Digital imaging (X-Ray) system

Orthophos XG 5 Pan Ceph

Programs include:

  • P1: Standard Pan
  • P1R: Panorama, left-hand side
  • P1R: Panorama, right-hand side
  • P1C: Panorama x 1.25 magnification 
  • Tm1: TMJ lateral closed open
  • Bitewings program

Package includes XG5 Pan Ceph, remote control & Sidexis Software


DAC Universal

DAC Universal
  • Cleans, lubricates and autoclaves 6 instruments in 12 minutes
  • Also sterilizes wrapped & solid instrumentation by changing the lid

The basic package includes DAC Universal with lid and 6 adapters, customized on the instruments used by the dentist


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